Low, low miles

Jon Bauer, Herald staff

Priced to sell: Boeing is looking for buyers for 11 of its earliest-built 787s, planes that had to be modified as Boeing worked the kinks out of its world-wide assembly line. The jets are heavier and don’t travel as far as Dreamliners that Boeing built later.

Being our helpful selves, allow us to write the Craigslist ad for the planes: “Dreamliner, like new. Runs good. Great for short trips between Asian countries. Still has that new plane smell. Batteries not included. $100 million OBO.”

Flip of a bitcoin: A Tokyo bitcoin exchange has collapsed, raising concerns and questions about the virtual currency.

Questions like: What the heck is a bitcoin? Which is heads and which is tails? Will it work in the snack machine at work? And who could have possibly thought that a virtual currency without form or substance could just vanish?

My kind of coin: A couple in California stumbled on a cache of gold coins in rusty cans that had been exposed in their back yard. The coins could fetch up to $10 million.

That noise you hear is your husband digging his metal detector out of the closet.