Maggot sign defies all logic, logistics

I would like to comment on the letter, “Signs of the times incomprehensible.” I continuously shake my head in wonderment whenever I pass the “Apple Maggot Quarantine Zone — Do Not Transport Home-grown Fruit Beyond This Point!” signs. I have seen these signs up and down I-5 as well as other freeways in the state.

When I would commute from Everett to Seattle I would oft-times have a (yes, a home-grown apple) from my apple tree packed in my lunch box. When I approached that sign I would invariably check for the agricultural police, watching to see if I would actually pull off the highway and deposit that apple on the freeway shoulder. Being that there are no bins or garbage receptacles in which to deposit such contraband nor a vehicle pull-off area provided I would probably be subject to certain other violations not to mention the danger I would be putting myself and others in by pulling onto the shoulder in rush hour traffic.

I would probably be wisest to exit my vehicle to do the deed because if I just threw it out the window I’m sure someone would report me for littering.

Also, I think that travelers, upon seeing the sign for the first time, would definitely not have time to change lanes and pull off the road safely without having to back several hundred feet on the shoulder to obey it. Being that I have never seen anyone paying even scant attention to those signs why are we taxpayers still being required to pay for them? I think it would win, or at least come in as a close second, in the “Stupidest Sign” award.

Wes Dawson