Majority don’t get to define rights

I strongly disagree with the letter “Citizens might also have opinion.” We have legislatures and courts in the United States of America so that laws can be made not based on the majority opinion of the citizenry, but on the Constitution. A wonderful example of this great and important difference would be segregation vs. integration in the South. If a vote had been taken in the South in 1954 when Brown vs. Board of Education banned segregation in the public schools, segregation would have won the day by a huge margin.

Similarly, if a vote had been taken in the South in 1964 when the Civil Rights Act passed, Southern citizens would have voted against it overwhelmingly. Civil rights law cannot be made based on the personal opinions, emotion, bias or religious beliefs of our citizenry. Civil rights law must be made based on the Constitution of the United States of America.

Judy D. Curtis

Mill Creek