Make Inslee pay for the election

Jay Inslee abandoned us. He said in his last campaign, when asked directly, that he wouldn’t, but he did. Not only did he take our money for months under false pretenses, but now he is costing us an additional $770,000 in election costs. We learned that the “special timing” of his abandonment now is going to cost us an additional $385,000 in election costs per week for two weeks of service of his replacement.

After he was anointed by Gov. Christine Gregoire, when she announced that she was not going to run for reelection, he knew that he was going to pull the plug on us. But he delayed and delayed until there would be no other option than gaffing us for this very special election.

If this person has any respect for the voters, he needs to pay the state back for these election costs and refund the federal government for all the costs that they incurred for his “service” as our congressman in his last term. As a 100 percent service connected disabled veteran I know “service” when I see it. Inslee has done us a great disservice and needs to make amends.

Douglas Kerley