Mama grizzly’s lair

Mama grizzly’s lair

You’ve heard of man caves. Now say hello to Mom Caves, in which women turn unused space such as spare bedrooms into retreats from kids, husbands and the sound of Terry Bradshaw’s voice on Sundays during football season.

Wait a minute — didn’t these used to be called sewing rooms?

In any case, men who venture into Mom Caves report contact headaches from scented candles and bookshelves stocked with self-help books.

Lock and load: The video game “Call of Duty: Black Ops” sold 5.6 million copies the first day it went on sale.

America’s 18-to-34-year-old men streamed to the malls en masse to buy the game, and then returned home to play it — disappointing their mothers, who had hoped to turn their bedrooms into Mom Caves.

Maiden voyage: The Keystone Coupeville-Port Townsend route finally gets its new full-time ferry this weekend, three years after the previous boats were pulled from service because of severe corrosion and hull cracking.

The 64-car ferry is named Chetzemoka, a Coast Salish Indian phrase that means “Six miles to Coupeville.”

— Mark Carlson, Herald staff