Many can’t afford to pay even more

In reference to the article in The Herald about a possible rate increase for Allied Waste. (“Garbage rates may increase for south county.”) I’m sorry, but I don’t feel they deserve a 4 to 9 percent increase, I don’t feel anyone does, with as many people who are still out of work and all the foreclosures that have been processed in Washington.

It makes no sense to raise their rates and then have any and all other groups wanting the same kind of increase later on!

Those of us on fixed incomes haven’t gotten 4 percent raises; in fact, we don’t get raises at all most of the time and if this kind of foolishness passes we won’t even be able to pay for our garbage pick-up!

Please stop and think very seriously about what your decision will mean to those of us who don’t work.

Hilra J. Nelson