Mark Roe is the better candidate

The three of us have served as Snohomish County prosecutor over the last 25 years. While we represent different political parties and, at times, have campaigned against one another, we all agree that Mark Roe is clearly the most qualified and experienced candidate for Snohomish County prosecutor.

Mark has earned the trust and respect of the law and justice community, including law enforcement, victims’ rights advocates, public defenders, prosecutors and retired judges. Over the 22 years of Mark’s service at the Prosecutor’s Office, we each entrusted him with many of the most challenging responsibilities, including: serving as the chief criminal deputy, effectively managing the entire Criminal Division, as well as being responsible for its budget and supervision of attorneys and staff; serving as lead attorney of both the Violent Crimes and Special Assault (sex crimes) units; acting as the decision maker on issues involving police misconduct, officer-involved shootings and in-custody deaths; and handling several aggravated murder and death penalty cases.

We urge you to support Mark Roe for prosecutor. His opponent is not qualified to serve in this important role, and has not practiced law in Snohomish County. Mark Roe has the experience and qualifications to serve as our Snohomish County prosecutor.

Janice Ellis, Jim Krider and Seth Dawson

Former Snohomish County prosecutors