Mascot honors our culture here

I have to say I was disappointed, and a bit angry, to see the issue of Marysville-Pilchuck’s mascot in the news again. (Sunday, “Marysville schools may rethink Tomahawk mascot.”)

I have raised my children to believe that everyone’s culture, ethnic background and beliefs (so long as it doesn’t support hate) is important and should not be dishonored. People don’t need to need to fully understand or even agree, but they must respect.

My oldest daughter graduated from M-P in 2005 and this issue was raised while she was in high school. Now my youngest is in high school and here we go again. The kids in her generation are extremely polite and respectful kids. Over the past decade, I have attended various M-P school sport events. Marysville is a strong native community, and all the kids wear M-P colors and display the tomahawk symbol with pride. The “tomahawk chop” is done so in efforts to show commitment, honor and strength. I have never witnessed kids making a mockery of it, or acting inappropriately. We as parents, community members and teachers need to continue to educate the children on the history of the native community and the honor that comes along with having it continue to be a part of our lives here in Marysville.

I think it would be a dishonor if we allow a few people to decide how the community as a whole should live. Bottom line, Marysville is a native community and if you are offended by that, perhaps you should look to move to another city.

Kim Graham


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