McKenna can be trusted to tell truth

All politics is local. Our state will be electing a new governor and The Herald has made a good recommendation based on sound principles. I understand that not all agree with every position that Rob McKenna takes, yet I know he can be trusted to tell the truth. This is not the case with this opponent.

I have been in meetings with the other guy and heard him repeat the lies of his party — if you like your insurance you can keep it, if you like your doctor you can keep him/her, and your insurance premiums will decrease by $2,500. I have been in meetings with McKenna’s opponent who would not answer questions because doing so would plainly expose him as being caught in a falsehood. I have watched and waited but have never seen or heard this other fellow denounce the Senate majority leader who bore false witness against a presidential candidate on the Senate floor even though it is widely known that the majority leader was lying the entire time. I cannot support a man who will lie to his constituents. We can trust McKenna to tell the truth.

Richard Ek