Media makes Ryan next target

OK folks — fasten your seat belts; the mainstream liberal media is sharpening its claws, and VP candidate Paul Ryan is its next victim.

After reading David Sirota’s Sunday column, “Who is Paul Ryan?”, a blistering rundown of Mr. Ryan’s sins, faults and defects, I wondered how a writer could so cleverly warp the truth to satisfy his passions. Obviously he is just another dime-a-dozen product of the liberal media massacre machine. Everyone in this country by the way, should realize that Obama is that media’s darling.

Thank the media for much of the almost inhumane attack on Mitt Romney that deliberately projected an image of him as a dud and a jerk. They called him every name from “unlikable” to “cruel.” He was cold, uninspiring, greedy, unfriendly, ineffective, etc. There were even articles saying he wasn’t “human” enough. All of which is utter rubbish. They are going to try to do the same thing to Rep. Paul Ryan. The trouble is, though, the public usually doesn’t make an effort to gain perspective and they believe that toxic negativism.

Before you believe what people like David Sirota writes, remember he and those like him are leftist Obama pawns — out for the kill .

Kate Howard