Military has a vital role to play

I read with interest your Sunday editorial (“Seeding a worthy industry”) praising local efforts to promote aviation biofuels and encouraging government support. I heartily agree.

Last year then-Rep. Jay Inslee introduced the Domestic Fuel for Enhancing National Security (D-FENS) Act, a bipartisan bill that will greatly expand our use of biofuels. Jay asked me to take the lead on this bill when he left Congress to run for governor. As a member of the House Armed Services Committee, I am working to pass this bill so we can start realizing the benefits of these investments right here in the Puget Sound.

This bill will greatly expand the military’s ability to invest in advanced biofuels. This will help shift our reliance on foreign energy to domestically produced renewable energy, all while providing valuable investments to this important, growing industry. Those investments will in turn benefit the private sector, including Boeing and Alaska Airlines, who will be able to gain from the research and expand the use of biofuels in the private sector.

All of this adds up to jobs for Washington state. Our region is well-equipped to be the leader in developing biofuels. With the technical expertise at our fine research universities and companies, and a huge local supply of renewable biomass, our region can make biofuels a viable and economical alternative to fossil fuels for aviation.

U.S. Rep. Rick Larsen