More writers to leaven left needed

I don’t totally agree with the recent letter writer regarding replacing columnist Charles Krauthammer because he only plays one tune. Why didn’t he mention replacing Eugene Robinson for the same reason? You could replace Krauthammer with Robinson in the letter and with a few other small changes, the letter would read the same except it would have a conservative slant. I believe it is balanced to juggle far-left and far-right opinions.

The best way to learn is to listen to the opposite views of the other side because it lets you understand the reasoning for their views. If you don’t like reading Krauthammer then don’t read the column. I don’t like reading Robinson’s column because of his far-left opinions, but it does help me substantiate my own views. There have been times that I changed my thinking upon listening to the other side. I think The Herald does an adequate job on the editorial page but would suggest a few more conservative writers on Sunday to make it more balanced.

Ed Masar

Mill Creek