Most of territory has been taken

A number of letter writers have expressed the view that Hamas is a terrorist organization being rightfully punished by the Israelis. But why do they and the other Palestinians hate the Israelis so much? I suggest that the critics Google the map of the region as it was partitioned in 1947 and compare it with what it is today. They will discover that in 1947 over half of the region belonged to the Palestinians. Today, almost 90 percent of it is in Israeli hands. All that is left of Palestine is a few small pockets of territory and Gaza. The Israelis stole the rest by invasion and the establishment of “settlements.” Can anyone wonder at the ire of the Palestinians?

The West did the Arabs a great wrong. First by ripping out a chunk of their country and giving it to the Israelis and secondly by turning a blind eye to anything the Israelis have done regarding the infiltration of Palestine.

Roger Sayer