Much changed in past 20 years

Regarding Tuesday’s letter on the topic of Everett schools (“District a good financial steward”):

As a former homeowner in Everett, it seemed as though they were constantly raising my property taxes to pay for schools. Or at least trying to. It has been many years since I or my children attended school. However, I recall that we had large classes, the schools provided all the necessary student supplies, and we learned a lot!

For the past 20 years or so, schools have had way too many money problems. From teacher salaries, to charging parents for kindergarten, as well as requiring parents to provide every single thing from Kleenex tissues to pencils. I have to wonder, what happened?

I know that teachers are constantly complaining about how underpaid they are. Did they not do their own homework? I believe that teachers’ salaries, compared to most jobs requiring a college degree, are near the bottom. Did they not realize this before they invested a small fortune in their own education?

I am just wondering what happened. Could it be that a school principal salary ranks in the neighborhood of a superior court judge? Or maybe the school janitor is making the same as a maintenance technician? Just asking.

Linda Varon