My predictors say we are cooked

Stoned and stupid, we now have essentially one politically-correct party running government on the local, state, and national levels and one big hedonistic free-for-all.

Pot, porn, and profanity are touted as proud emblems of freedom by blithering idiots, while literacy and common decency plummet. Gays are the darlings of society, and police smile as public lewdness, nudity, and brawls are displayed as example for children.

Social program monies with no responsibility requirements attached are handed out to those addicted to being on the dole while folks going through tough financial times who try to be responsible and not play the Peter Pan game “never grow up” are mocked as fools.

Celebrities are voters’ in-the-know sources for political information, and the raunchiest narcissists get all the attention and adoration. Politicians and the ultra rich are smugly stealing from taxpayer-funded and entrusted Social Security and Medicare and manipulating prices and the stock market to line their own pockets with perks and payoffs and outrageous profit margins to perpetuate their posh lifestyles.

The days of balanced budgets are over, and the national debt is ignored because it’s such a drag to deal with reality. Uncle Sam will decide whether grandma should get her broken hip fixed but nonstop drunkenness is deemed deserving of disability checks and sexual promiscuity and pre-meditated murder/ abortion are flaunted as women’s rights.

There is no such thing as sin anymore so God has no purpose.

Let’s admit it … America is done for. Secular humanism wins.

Nancy Kasper