My, what delicious hospital food that is

Don’t break seal: When one thinks of “fine dining,” the words “hospital food” probably don’t come to mind, but Stevens Hospital wants to change that by offering a dining program modeled on hotel room service.

And if the hospital finds itself in a financial squeeze, it can always generate additional revenue by equipping rooms with hotel-style mini-bars. A new website called Unvarnished lets people post anonymous reviews of their co-workers.

Anonymity “empower(s) honesty and candor and nuance in the reviews,” says Peter Kazanjy, Unvarnished’s co-founder.

The Buzz posts this unvarnished review of Kazanjy: “Seeking to make a fortune by giving cowards and weasels a forum for posting libel about co-workers.”

Speaking of anonymity: Microsoft and other companies have developed ways to deal with obscene and racist insults hurled by online gamers (Page C2).

If The Buzz ruled the world, we’d force the slur-mongers to insult their targets in person, not from the comfort of their bedroom in their mom’s house.

— Mark Carlson, Herald staff