Need to bust heroin dealers

Recently, I went to the Jack in the Box by Casino Road and I was appalled by what a manager there told me. She informed me that people have been dealing heroin in front of their establishment for a long time, and that it has gotten so bad that they are afraid to confront these drug dealers out of fear of retaliation. What the hell is going on in Everett with people selling heroin in front of businesses and openly at the Everett Station?

These people working and using these establishments are just trying to earn a living and live, and while they are doing that, they feel threatened and powerless to help change that situation. I urge the Everett Police Department to please do something about this. Heroin is being sold everywhere in this town and county, and I just don’t see anything being done about it. It is time for action because it is just getting worse and worse all the time. Thank you.

Jeff Swanson