Negligence merits punishment

In response to Monday’s letter stating that The Herald needs to shy away from covering the unfortunate trial of Marysville police officer Derek Carlile (“Try compassion with coverage”) – I think the letter writer is way off base.

If I left a loaded gun around my house or car and my six year old niece found it and accidentally shot my three year old nephew and killed him, I would get the book thrown at me because I am not a police officer. Mr. Carlile is in a position where he should have known better, and if he is made a scapegoat and is sent to prison for this it is his own fault.

I feel bad for the circumstances of this situation, but he was negligent and should have to pay for that negligence. If he is acquitted, it is just another example of people in certain positions getting away with things because of the position they have. That is a complete and utter shame because it sets a precedent that some individuals are above the law.

Hopefully justice prevails and if he has to sit in a prison cell for a year, again, it is his own fault and no one else’s. If that doesn’t occur, then that is when it is a real travesty of justice.

Jeff Swanson