New method will make things worse

I read with interest in Sunday’s Herald “Common core’s math method is different, not evil,” By Jennifer Bardsley. She contends that if you teach children traditional algorithms too soon, you squelch their opportunity to deeply think.

What a bunch of hogwash. She defends the gobble-goop that passes for math learning in our schools today, but I am hard-pressed to know why.

Since math instruction was changed in the 1970s our students have been scoring lower than their counterparts in other countries. Now on top of this they are introducing Common Core, which, if you know anything about it, makes learning even more difficult for both the student and teacher. American students score 23rd in math and 31st in science when compared with 65 other top industrial countries. This is downright shameful and I lay it directly at the feet of our government and state administrators.

Using the tried and true methods before the 1970s, our country excelled in all of these categories. We are the generation that put a man on the moon and we showed the way in technological development and economic growth for 40 years. What has happened to us since then is more than an embarrassment. It has had serious consequences on our GDP, economic well-being, and employer and employment needs and it is a disaster in the making.

People have the right to question Common Core for more reasons than its teaching methods. Whether you know it or not It also is designed to brainwash our children to fall in line with global warming movement, and other social issues that have no place in the curriculum.

Don Williamson


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