No reports when firearms save lives

I love to listen to the liberals demand tighter gun control every time someone is killed in a gun crime. Here it is again with the killings of the police officers.

Only the law-abiding citizens will obey the law. The murderers love anti-gun laws because then they are safer and less likely to be shot. If a criminal is going to go out and hunt cops do you really think he will change his mind because of a gun law? No.

I would like someone to show me where gun laws have lowered violent crime rates or any crime rates in general. I would also ask the advocates of gun control to tell me where these terrorists go to commit their crimes. Schools, malls, army posts (that are mostly unarmed). And why is that, you may ask? Because there is little chance of someone shooting back.

The latest try to pass gun legislation would ban semi-automatic firearms, none of which were involved in the slaying in Lakewood.

I’m not advocating vigilantism, but I am saying that this country was tamed by people taking the initiative and for themselves. If you carry a firearm you need to be smart. Get a carry permit, get trained and teach your family at least the basics of safety. If you commit a gun crime, then the penalties need to be harsh and non-negotiable. If you assist in helping a criminal flee then you need to be punished hard.

Too bad the mainstream media ignore the hundreds of times a month guns save lives instead of the few they are used in criminal acts.

“Gun Free Zones are a guaranteed recipe for maximum innocent deaths.”

Todd Westby