No responsibility for courthouse?

The Snohomish County Council members are shocked that after having Snohomish County Executive Lovick’s team review their plans for a new county courthouse that the price has jumped from $70 million to $120-130 million, but I don’t here their apologies to the citizens of Snohomish County for their utter failure. (Sept. 17 article, “New courthouse’s price tag jolts County Council”). They (County Council) act as if this all falls on the plate of the former County Executive Aaron Reardon, but they have clean hands on the project. The council approved the project in February and asked for a review in June; what would have happened if Aaron Reardon had not resigned?

It is amazing that the County Council, full-time positions earning salaries of about $104,000, allowed for a project to be estimated at nearly half of its actual cost. Voters need to remember that we elect these individuals and obviously they have failed. Imagine if you made this type of mistake or shown incompetence at this level, would you still have a job?

Todd Welch

Lake Stevens

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