No safe level of THC for driving

Continuing the discussion concerning the legalization of marijuana, another group has joined the madness to raise the limit of THC in a blood stream because they feel the amount of marijuana to affect a driver is too low for those who have a high tolerance. The potency level of the THC in the marijuana is unknown because there are no controls on the growing or processing of marijuana.

They suggest that the state should oversee and control the level of the THC in marijuana sold legally. It’s known that those who use marijuana on a regular basis are under the effect of the drug for some period of time, up to several days. When marijuana users use other drugs, legal or illegal, at the same time, the affect on the individual is called synergistic. Synergistic effect is when two or more drugs are taken, and do not add up to two but sometimes many times the effect of one drug. Marijuana is fat soluble and stays in the body fat for some time and releases its effect continually until the THC is gone. The majority of people drink for social reasons and not the effect, except problem drinkers and alcoholics. Most marijuana users smoke marijuana to get high. There is a difference. Please educate yourselves, as the marijuana issue will be on the November ballot.

Jim Tagart