No way to make people seek help

I am in agreement with the June 5 letter writer about helping the mentally ill. (“Stigma still keeps us from helping.”) The age-old problem however, remains the same. Many families are faced with the inability to get help for their loved ones. If someone tells you they “do not need help,” and it is obvious to a rational person that they indeed do need help, you are pretty much stuck!

No matter how many facilities the state may provide, try getting your loved one to seek the help! That has been an age-old problem. Much like those who stop taking their medication. Good luck trying to get them to believe they actually need it. As long as the law does not provide a statute that requires/monitors medications be taken as prescribed, you are still left with no where to go. Sadly, the cafe killings in Seattle are an example of the possible consequences of such a troubled life.

Linda Varon