Non-profit uses profit on bonuses?

Regarding the March 28 article, “Stevens Hospital directors get bonus pay”:

What the…?

A bonus of $59,000 to Mike Carter? This on top of his almost $400,000 salary!

Other administrators received between $30,000 down to a mere $11,000?

That’s a lot of money ($200,000), and it’s only divided between nine people!

The article stated that Stevens Hospital earned $11.5 million on operations last year.

If Stevens Hospital makes that much, how much are they charging the patient? With that kind of profit, they should definitely be able to lower their rates, so that anyone who needs medical care (with or without insurance) can afford it!

I would like to know, how many surgeries and other procedures were done last year at Stevens? And of that number, how many people did not have insurance?

If all hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, doctors’ offices, etc., would put their profits back into their facilities — instead of outrageous bonuses — we could all afford to pay for our health care, instead of having “mandatory” health insurance shoved down our throats!

And, yes, I do support what Rob McKenna is doing!

Dona Burbank