North Everett also affected by stench

Marysville is not the only area touched by the stench from Cedar Grove Composting on Smith Island. North Everett is affected; we have to move inside and/or close our windows on hot evenings because the stench is so overwhelming. My neighbors report they actually experience ill effects from the Cedar Grove odor.

Residents of North Everett know, as do the residents in Marysville and beyond, that enough is enough.

I live in North Everett and am barely more than a mile as the crow flies from Cedar Grove. I see Cedar Grove’s facility from my yard. Some evenings, when the rows are turned, I am forced to close my door and window … the stench permeates every pore.

Cedar Grove denies odor complaints because of the wind direction; well, the wind doesn’t always play a part in the spread of odor. Cedar Grove is at the bottom of a “bowl”; even children know that air rises and as it rises, it spreads the stench into our yards, our windows, our nostrils. I wish some nights that I could bottle that odor and send it right back to Cedar Grove as they continue to ignore there is a problem and that they are at the root of it.

Thank you for letting me join the voices of Mike Davis, Citizens for Smell Free Marysville and, now, Citizens for Smell Free Marysville, North Everett and Beyond.

Jo Newland