North really needs updating

In response to Mr. Oslin’s letter Friday, “Bond numbers seem excessive,” I would like to express my views on the school bond issue.

I hear many people disagree with the levy proposition and I don’t blame them! It is a lot of money, but it is also well needed. I know our schools may look to be in perfect shape from the outside, but on the inside the view can be quite different.

I am a student at North Middle School and I think the money could really be used well here. Many of North’s bathrooms have broken doors so you have to politely ask someone to hold it closed for you; the desks are too small and students regularly cut their shins on the sharp edges of rickety broken chairs. We have even been told to be cautious about leaning on covered walkway supports because they’re not too secure. Things are in need of general repair but our school just can’t afford it right now.

This is why we need the school bond levy to pass. It would help us students and improve our learning environment at school.

Vote yes on the school bond levy!

Margaret Behee

7th grader at North Middle School


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