Not enough new taxpayers at fault

I agree with the editorial on Sunday that expressed we are getting closer and closer to a crisis with Social Security and Medicare. We should have addressed this problem over 20 years ago when statistics showed that the trust funds were not sustainable without adjustments. Now, the adjustments are going to be Draconian. However, they must be done or these safety nets will disappear entirely, maybe in my lifetime. And I’m almost 70.

I continue to be amazed, however, that no one ever refers to the main reason the trust funds can’t keep up with the expenditures. Since the ’60s we’ve aborted 75 million children who would be paying into the system. Without these new breadwinners, the ratio of payers to users has dropped from over 8 to 1 to nearly 2 to 1. In addition to inheriting the whirlwind of our immorality we are now literally paying for our choices with a threat to seniors.

Larry Vardiman

Camano Island