Not fair to target former smokers

Let me start by saying I was a smoker for about 35 years but stopped in 2005. I’m now 69 years old, soon to be 70.

In August 2012, my health insurance company wanted me to do a health screening, so I did. A nurse practitioner came to my home and spent an hour and a half doing the evaluation. In December, I finally received the report back and she had put a check mark by (smoker). Apparently that check mark mean that I will be labeled a smoker for the rest of my life and will probably have to pay the additional 50 percent for insurance under Obamacare? That is absolute bull.

(There aren’t any provision in Obamacare like that for alcoholics or drug users and besides smoking isn’t illegal.)

Isn’t there something in the Constitution that prohibits discrimination against one group of people? (Smokers). Why hasn’t someone started squawking this provision in the courts?

Everyone is so worried about guns I think they should be paying more attention to where their money is going and who it is that let this of loophole for the insurance company in so they could take advantage of a us!

Are there any citizens groups you may know of that may be getting involved in this issue? If so, could you provide me with that information?

Does anyone have knowledge of any plans by any government official to pursue this these issue?

Please let me know what your take is on this matter.

Hilra Nelson


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