Not making it more ‘affordable’

The Affordable Health Care Act, sounds like a good thing, right? Government-run health care has been on the liberal agenda since Teddy Roosevelt ran on the Progressive Party ticket in 1912. Virtually every Democrat since has tried to implement it, to no avail. However, President Obama was successful in doing so with a Democratic majority when he took office in 2009. The liberals were able to mislead the public and force it through. This would be the correct statement since no one knew what it all entailed; it was only approved because of the Democratic majority. Remember Nancy Pelosi’s famous words, “we need to pass it to know what’s in it”?

Yes, 23 million people now have health insurance, except they had to hose over 300 million to do it. Fact is, it was only a trophy to the liberals, a prize. They finally became successful at grasping and retrieving the ring. Since they are exempt from it, you won’t find any politician embracing it for what it actually is. And, as far as the “affordable” part, my health insurance went from zero dollars a year to $1,200 a year starting in 2013. Can’t wait to see what it will cost once it’s fully implemented in 2014. It’s really only more “affordable” than the other plans that would have cost me over $2,000. Pretty slick move…

Howard M. Burpee