Not so enthralled by his service

Dr. Norman Vincent Peale said: If you want to say something ill about someone, first say something nice, then your subject, and then finish with a nice comment.

So put this in the middle of the March 17 guest commentary, “Congressman Norm Dicks: His service touched the entire state,” by Everett City Councilman Paul Roberts.

Roberts left out any comments about Norm Dicks (and more than 90 percent of Congress) sitting on his butt while jobs by the millions left our country; the Congress robbed billions from the Social Security trust fund; watched while the national debt rose to over $100,000 per man, woman and child in the country; watched while the borders were overrun with people, some of whom are terrorists; sat back while a candidate for President of the United States took Fifth Amendment privilege for his personal papers that described the truth about that candidate; and is currently sitting on his butt while 10,000 new regulations, not laws, just from 2011, are being put upon us citizens by unelected bureaucrats who have the power to fine us. I could go on!

Not once, in 36 years, did Norm Dicks go down in front of the entire House membership and say: Stop the spending, it is killing our country and wiping out the prospects for our children to live the life they deserve.

Did Norm really do the great job Roberts claims he did?

We must apply term limits at the ballot box on Sen. Maria Cantwell and all Western Washington representatives this November.

Richard Jauch

Camano Island