Not to worry, it’s like riding a bike

Some compelling letters by fellow readers have proven that our elections are a winning proposition for all voters. Those who supported successful candidates are immediately rewarded while the gratification for those who are initially disappointed may be less spontaneous.

In a spirit of bipartisanship, I empathize with the latter and offer assurance that, over time, your cumulative satisfaction will far surpass that of the first group and you will be fairly compensated for any discomfort early on.

You will simply engage anew in some or all of the following: ignoring fact and reality in exchange for whatever nonsense best suits your purposes; denigrating the patriotism, character, religion, citizenship etc of those with whom you disagree; expressing a shocking revulsion for the unemployed, foreign born, those in poverty etc; blaming the other party for each and every problem the country faces while absolving your own of all responsibility; accusing those who voted for people or policies you dislike of being stupid and morally corrupt.

This is a mere sampling of the techniques you employed in the past and they are guaranteed to provide you with continued enjoyment. You are to be applauded for elevating the political discourse to a more responsible level with your resonating messages. Many stupid people, benefiting from your superior insight and wisdom, will now become smart and join your movement. Perhaps with their help you will be able to return our nation back to your idea of “greatness.”

Dan Postema