Nothing for us, thanks

The other pink slime: A vegan Starbucks barista revealed to a vegetarian blog that an ingredient used to provide coloring for Starbucks’ strawberry-flavored drinks and red velvet “whoopie” pies is made from ground-up insects.

Now thoroughly grossed out by the recent string of food revelations, we’re just going to gnaw on a stick and suspiciously eye a glass of water.

There had better be beer: A Bellingham man, who has lived without a car for 10 years, enlisted several friends with bikes to pack up and haul an estimated ton of his belongings using bikes, trailers and bungee cords three miles to his new residence.

Two 45-minute trips later the furnishings were at their new address. And then the man really tested the limits of friendship by revealing that he lived on the top floor of a five-story building with no elevator.

A bog by another name: The state Committee on Geographic Names will meet in May to consider proposed name changes for hills, streams and other features. Among the name changes suggested in Snohomish County would be a switch from Ebey Slough to Ebey Estuary.

We’ll save you the trip to the dictionary: “Estuary” is the $5 word for “Slough,” which is the $2 word for “Bog,” which is the 50-cent word for “Wear your boots.”

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