NRA donations taint Congress

Friday’s tragedy in Connecticut isn’t the first; and sadly it won’t be the last. In Saturday’s Herald, the article, “A nation stunned: It has to stop, these senseless deaths,” may be the voice of reason, but will surely be drowned out by gun enthusiasts shouting “Second Amendment” though many apparently can’t differentiate between a “well-regulated militia” and a six-pack. (I believe in the Second Amendment; I only want it to be used responsibly and sensibly.) Their beat will go on: “Guns don’t kill people; people kill people.” But how to prevent these deranged people from access to dangerous weaponry at gun shows and other easy access venues?

Please don’t count on the legislators, many of who accept huge campaign contributions from gun-connected lobbyists who maintain that any compromise would be a slippery slope to total control. And we must all bear some blame and responsibility for re-electing those whose allegiance to the gun lobby is greater than to their constituents.

In a short time, Connecticut’s tragedy will be “old news” and life will return to normal until the next shooter goes beserk and we will again hear words like, “Something needs to be done.”

Dan Kahn