NRA points finger at free speech

I won’t attempt to critique the entire spiel by the weapons manufacturers’ lobby (NRA) but even the most devout member should find a few things troubling about the ramblings. The First Amendment fights in this country were equally voracious and the NRA now would like to point to movies, songs and video games in an attempt to serve up the freedom of speech/expression as a sacrificial lamb rather than risk an honest evaluation of what the Second Amendment means.

Does the Second Amendment mean selling weapons from gun shows and the Internet with no background check? Does it mean these multi-clip magazines designed to kill many folks very quickly? Is this rhetoric and the threats of a tyrannical government coming after us being used to drive up weapon sales by instilling fear? Lucky for the NRA, the First Amendment protects their right to say and preach whatever they want. One cop at every school will stop nothing. The recent attacks committed by sick people were done with weapons on the scene including a military base. To believe that availability of these killing machines has nothing to do with the number of incidents is to deny reality. And to provide no resources to identify mental illness and protect society from it best we can is equally insane.

Joe Shifflette