NRA represents ordinary citizens

Regarding the Thursday letter, “NRA’s power is too absolute”: The NRA is a 140-year-old organization with 4.3 million dues- paying members. That’s 4.3 million potential registered voters that have a say in the law of the land. The NRA’s political clout is earned though grassroots support of ordinary people.

The letter writer seems to think the NRA is a couple of guys buying political influence with deep pockets to run roughshod over the rest of America, I’m sorry that describes most gun-control groups, not the NRA. If the writer would like to stop gun violence, start with the depiction of gun violence, or any violence for that matter, in movies, television and video games where violence is depicted for its entertainment value. Blaming the NRA for gun violence is like blaming NASCAR for road rage.

Mike Meisner