Nuisance motels need addressing

This letter is being written partially in sadness and partially in disbelief in my city. I have lived in north Everett all of my 51 years. I take pride in my home, neighborhood and city. I do not take pride in what I see happening, however. North Everett is home to the highly regarded EvCC and state-of-the-art Providence hospital. However, driving down Broadway to get to these institutions, you pass by two motels boarded up and closed due to drug and prostitution activity.

On 13th street, you see another motel that has constant drug activity, resulting in daily visits from the Everett Police department. Friday night, there was a tremendous fire at this motel due to illegal fireworks being set off in their parking lot. We had to run out to quickly move our vehicles due to burning embers coming across the street. The owner of this business was, and is, well aware of the illegal activities, and has told the neighbors that “it’s his property, he can do what he wants.” Hmm, seems how this is a business using my tax dollars to fund the many police and fire calls there, isn’t this my business? Isn’t it the city of Everett’s business to make all neighborhoods safe? I plead to our mayor, city council and Everett residents to take care of these issues. We’re all in this together.

Stephanie Larson