O lucky man!

But watch out for lightning: A man has won two $1 million jackpots in the past three months in Indiana’s lottery.

Not sure if the guy still needs to work for a living, but if he does, he might consider hiring himself out as a surrogate lottery ticket buyer.

“Body” of evidence: A jury has ruled that former Minnesota Gov. Jesse Ventura was libeled by slain military sniper Chris Kyle’s autobiography, which claimed Kyle punched out Ventura for talking smack about Navy SEALS at a bar in 2006.

The jury apparently believed Ventura’s contention that the purported brawl was no more real than the “fights” in his pro wrestling career.

Pawned: The co-owner of the Las Vegas pawn shop featured on the History Channel reality show “Pawn Stars” has drawn up plans for a Pawn Star Plaza shopping center.

If it becomes reality, the center could boast six restaurants, about 16 small shops, and concierge service for customers who need to pawn their wedding rings after a bad night at the tables.

— Mark Carlson, Herald staff

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