Obama absent when needed most

I am a retired Air Force officer and retired civilian employee of the Air Force and throughout my 44 years of service I have always respected our Commander-in-Chief, expected and received his support for the military and their role in maintaining the peace and protecting our nation. (Some exception for the Carter years.) I am very distressed currently, with the loss of some 51 military members by assassination from friendly police and soldiers of Afghanistan.

My distress comes from the losses of these fine young men but also from the fact that I have yet to hear any type of strong action or statement from our current Commander-in-Chief over these insider killings. He has had discussions with the Afghanistan leader that reinforce his decision to leave, but have had no effect on insider killings. Those who died deserve no less than for us to hear from him, his strong actions and words on the matter. The Afghan leaders are prompt and loud when they feel some civilian was accidentally killed or harmed by American forces.

In response, our president is quick to take action and revise our troops operations to prevent any further loss of civilian life. (which further encourages the enemies action of operating within civilian areas.) Where has our Commander and Chief been, where is his voice on these “friendly” killings? Can you imagine if Ronald Reagan were the current Commander-in-Chief, what would his reaction to these killings be? How many more lives will be lost to insider killings in this announced withdrawal from what appears to be a lost war, let us save lives not save face.

Al Bartz

Lake Stevens

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