Obama has us on track for world war

While Obama schmoozes with pirates and the women of “The View,” World War III approaches because he is weak and foolish.

While he snubs Israel time after time, Iran works diligently on an atomic bomb.

Israel must be backed, and vigorously.

Iran must be punished now no matter what the cost in lives and treasury because the alternative will be catastrophic. If you think I am overstating the situation, consider this: 18 months from now an Iranian ship appears off the coast of San Diego with a bucket of plutonium. It would be crewed by Revolutionary Guard fanatics who would be happy to die for Allah by nuking the infidel. They wouldn’t even have to use a missile or torpedo, they could just sit at the 12-mile limit and blow themselves up when the prevailing wind was favorable. The radiation would destroy a major U.S. city and our economy would crash soon after. Millions could die of radiation poisoning or starvation. A vote for Obama is a vote for WW III.

David Meyering