Office left broken and in disarray

Regarding the Thursday article, “County office’s past sexual complaints come to light”:

While Craig Ladiser’s professional career ended in disgrace after he exposed himself on a Redmond golf course in June of 2009, the greater damage was to the Snohomish County Building and Planning Department, which was left in disarray, broken and in pieces. What happened at the golf course was not an aberration, but an extension of Ladiser’s and Greg Morgan’s abuse of power, and their lack of integrity, moral fiber and ethics.

My own complaint for harassment and bullying filed in June of 2008 was finally brought before Morgan in March of 2009. No answer, no follow up, nothing verbally or in writing. I did not go to Mark Knudsen because I knew it would be futile and useless. When I announced in February of 2009 that I would not work “for bullies and widget kings,” I was further retaliated against and given a formal written reprimand.

Many people in positions of power, including the County Council, knew of the grievances and concerns regarding Ladiser and Morgan, but continued their support of them. Even when Morgan left in May, and Ladiser was fired in August and the bullying and harassment against me stopped, the people and cronies that Ladiser had put into positions of power and authority remained completely intact in their good ol’ boys network. After 31.5 years and many hard-fought battles, I left the county in October of 2009.

Carol L. Richter

Certified Building Inspector, 32 years

Lake Stevens