Oil profiteers hurting education

There is no money left in the coffers to support education, and class sizes will undoubtedly get larger. Cities, counties and states are in financial trouble. The debt crisis in Europe is spinning out of control. Unemployment in the U.S. continues to be high, with countless people who have had their unemployment benefits expire still unable to find work. And still, the procrastinators are able to continue to push the price of oil out of sight.

With the number of vehicles they have on the road, ever wonder how much money every city, county or state would save if the price of gas were even $1 cheaper per gallon? If you care about your kid’s education, the city, county or state you live in or what your life will be like when gas is $5 per gallon next year, it is time you step up and call your congressional representatives and voice your opinion. It is time to let the members of Congress know, just like there is an election process in this country, there is also an impeachment process; maybe it is time we start using it for those unwilling to take on the oil companies.

Dean Zevenbergen