Online comments are in minority

The frenzied online comments on Sid Schwab’s column about the activist Supreme Court show clearly why The Herald so often offends me with the things they print. I can’t believe how many of The Herald readers — at least those with nothing better to do than react in their tea-party way — seem to be living in the 18th century. As, apparently, do the five members of the Supreme Court. If “barefoot and pregnant” is really the standard most desired by the populace, how do we continue to elect Democrats in Snohomish County? Could it be that most people don’t read newspapers? Or are they too busy to write comments?

Sorry, folks, it isn’t Sid Schwab who is out of step with the general public; it is the Supreme Court and those who spend their time wishing for the “good old days” when women knew their place.

Jonnee Denton


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