Opportunities in youth symphony

On Feb. 12, Myrna Overstreet wrote in regards to the absence of orchestra programs in Everett Public Schools, “Kids missing out on lovely music.” While in lockstep with Ms. Overstreet about the opportunity young people are missing in their public school education, I do want to bring to the community’s attention that the Everett Youth Symphony Orchestras (EYSO) has been providing young people with the opportunity to perform in an orchestra for over 49 years.

The mission of EYSO is to provide young people with the opportunity to learn about symphonic repertory and perform in a live symphony orchestra. Our students all participate in their school programs (band, chorus and orchestra, where available) and come not only from Everett, but as far away as Arlington, Lake Stevens and Shoreline. Our purpose is to enhance and broaden the experience students receive in their schools and to provide further music opportunities.

As an organization we support in full our incredible public school music educators. We too hope to see the return of string programs in Everett Public Schools. While we wait, we are thrilled to provide students of all ages with the opportunity to perform in an orchestra. Come see the young musicians of Everett at 6:30 p.m. on March 4 at the Everett PUD Auditorium. These are the musicians of today.

Dr. Wesley Schulz

Music Director, Everett Youth Symphony Orchestras