Organic food cost a cautionary tale

As the competing sides flood the airwaves and letters to the editor, the who and the why of the initiative are becoming quite evident. Since about 90 percent of corn, soybeans, sugar beets and papayas in the U.S. already are GMO crops, and since very many foodstuffs are made from those commodities, about the only foods remaining that will not have to be labeled under I-522 will be “organic” foods and produce. This is evidenced by the list of “organic” growers sponsoring the initiative.

In case anyone still believes the implementation of this initiative “won’t cost you a dime,” take a look at the difference in supermarket prices between regularly grown and “organic” produce. Just this week a regular cucumber at our local store was 50 cents, an “organic” one was $1.60! One pound of regular cabbage cost 69 cents, the organic one was $1.59 per pound. Since there still is no good and valid definition of what constitutes organic — nor is there a mechanism to ascertain that an “organic” item is indeed so — we’ll be voting against I-522.

Frank and Sally Baumann


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