Our class learned a lot on field trip

Have you ever walked by a sewer or storm drain? Well, guess what, only sewers get cleaned even though storm drains can be just as dirty. And, all that dirty water leads to creeks so fish like salmon can get poisoned by all the litter and cigarette butts that come from a storm drain. So, if you come by a storm drain, it would be helpful if you could just clean the top off. Also, when you see litter, pick it up or it could fall into a storm drain.

We went on a field trip to Lund’s Gulch Creek, in Meadowdale County Park to see if the water was good for salmon, and it was. There was the right amount of bugs, the pH and ammonia were good too. We did tests like to see how fast the river is going by putting a rubber ducky in the water and timing it to see how fast it goes in certain amount of seconds. Also, we took a big bucket of water and put it in the creek and scooped up some rocks to see if we found any bugs that were in the creek. That field trip was very fun!

You know when your neighbor maybe sometimes washes their car in their parking space? Well, when they wash their car, all the soap and grime that was on the car goes into the storm drain and ends up in Puget Sound. So, to keep the sea cleaner, you could go to the car wash instead. These are just some ideas to keep our water clean and keep our fish healthy.

Autumn Parham

Mr. Shepard’s 5th Grade Class

Seaview Elementary


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