Our Purple Cow was mostly foam

After reading your Sunday article on the Purple Cow I told my husband that would be my main thing to do at the fair, to try one. (“Purple Cow: State fair people pleasers.”)

Was I disappointed. It was good enough, the taste we got.

My husband and I were going to share one, so I went and purchased it while he picked up corn on the cob. I was lucky, I was the 13th person and received mine free. When I left the stand the glass was clear full, but by time I got to bench their was possibly half a cup (measuring) of soda in the bottom of the glass and a half a scoop of ice cream (we each had two small bites). The fullness was all foam.

And for this I would have paid $4. What a waste, even at no charge.

If you have money to waste, try one, what you get is good.

Norma Rae Pilkenton