Commentary: Don’t block lanes; learn to use the zipper merge

Traffic officials advise drivers to use all lanes and to wait to merge when the lane ends.

Editorial cartoons for Thursday, Jan. 11

A sketchy look at the day in politics.… Continue reading

Harrop: Graham, others have up and joined the Trump circus

Why, with poll numbers at their lowest, would GOP leaders praise and provide cover for Trump?

Ignatius: Some attention to China’s covert influence due, too

Without taking an eye off Russia, U.S. leaders need to watch how China applies pressure here.

Milbank: Attacking Democrats won’t aid Dreamers in their fight

Insisting that Democrats force a shutdown over DACA could backfire and end hopes for legal status.

We may have to accept a nuclear North Korea

The rhetoric from the White House on North Korea is becoming more alarming and does more harm than good.The leader of North Korea is probably… Continue reading

Editorial: Put all district options on the table for Everett

The city council should consider a ballot measure for council districts. Districts Now can join in.

Robinson: Don’t underestimate the possibility of ‘Oprah 2020’

Trump taught us a lesson about political novices, but many have misjudged Winfrey’s skills before.

Editorial cartoons for Wednesday, Jan. 10

A sketchy look at the day in politics.… Continue reading

Fees should be used to support public lands

Public land should be paid for by the user, and while we wait for the users to figure that, we risk losing our land (Herald… Continue reading

Milbank: We’ve got a whole ‘Animal Farm’ of stable geniuses

Rereading George Orwell’s classic fable, even a non-genius can pick out who’s who down on the farm.

Mill Creek officials ignored situation with council member

Mill Creek’s city manager and our mayor have failed our citizens. When confronted in September with information that a sitting council member, Sean Kelly, had… Continue reading

Rampell: Why Trump can’t take credit for stock market’s boom

The stock market is a lousy way to judge the strength of the economy. And of presidencies.

Resist the GOP’s attacks on the poor

Republicans in Congress and Mr. Trump have mounted a 2-fisted assault on Americans living on poverty incomes. Fist No. 1: The Republican tax “overhaul” undermines… Continue reading

Editorial: Trump, Sessions surrendering to opioids

Jeff Sessions’ decision to go after legal marijuana ignores the greater threat of opioid addiction.

Editorial cartoons for Tuesday, Jan. 9

A sketchy look at the day in politics.… Continue reading

If Tim Eyman wants to set policy, he should run for office

Hip, hip, hooray! The Dec. 30 Herald story, “Effort to reduce car tab falls short,” is a short reprieve from the antics of one Tim… Continue reading

Robinson: Dear Very Stable Genius, we don’t deserve you

We non-geniuses don’t grasp your management style and “alternative facts.” Maybe you should resign.

Saunders: Don’t take word of ‘Fire and Fury.’ Listen to Trump

The president said he’d hire the best, but he’s savaged Bannon, Sessions and others he once trusted.

Snohomish’s new mayor pursuing wrong priorities

At the Dec. 5, Snohomish City Council, six people brought up the importance of hiring an economic development person for our town to continue to… Continue reading