Saunders: Same names on several memos raise questions for FBI

Why does the same cluster of names keep popping up in political investigations by Congress?

Simoneaux: A new love? Or old? Gentle advice for gentlemen

The Herald’s resident Cajun Cupid offers some tips for guys to keep a relationship in good shape.

Commentary: Ending death penalty could help solve cold cases

The money saved on death penalty trials is better spent to investigate unsolved murders and rapes.

Commentary: Fighting the opioid epidemic by understanding it

Just as a doctor would, we need to fully assess the patient and his or her particular condition.

Editorial cartoons for Sunday, Feb. 11

A sketchy look at the day in politics.… Continue reading

Editorial: Relief and anxiety following federal budget deal

The budget’s military and domestic spending may please many, but not deficit hawks or Dreamers.

Harrop: The GOP’s tax cuts were simply a bad deal for most

Bestowing princely tax cuts on those already getting richer faster seems highly irresponsible.

Ignatius: U.S win on Syrian battlefield points to uncertainty

This week’s fatal collision between U.S. and Russian proxy forces in Syria has many ominous portents. But to hear… Continue reading

Letter opposing Lake Stevens library bond incorrect on cost

I’d like to respond to Frank Schimicci’s letter to the editor of Feb 8. First, his math needs to be corrected. The owner of a… Continue reading

Local levies contrary to new state law

When you vote in the next few day on the Everett School District bond and levy issues do not forget that this is the same… Continue reading

More school levy money is not the answer

Several days ago, after I received my ballot for the local school levy, I looked up my property tax rate on the County Assessor’s website… Continue reading

Parker: A black eye for the White House staff

Domestic abuse allegations against a staffer raises questions why a background check was ignored.

Robinson: When popularity flags, rally ‘em with a parade

When polls are low, and Democrats won’t applaud, President Trump makes do with marching orders.

Viewpoints: Some scientists wear hardhats, not lab coats

Myths about science shouldn’t keep students from considering a range of rewarding careers.

Well-funded schools attract businesses; support levies, bonds

Voters across the county have a monumental opportunity next week to continue investing in our children’s and our county’s future. Thirteen county school districts need… Continue reading

Ignatius: Trump can’t take U.S. partner Jordan for granted

Jordan has provided important intelligence and foiled terror plots. But there are new tensions.

Commentary: A look at changes to state, local school levies

While the state increased school funding with its property tax, districts still need local levies.

Editorial cartoons for Saturday, Feb. 10

A sketchy look at the day in politics.… Continue reading

Schwab: Nunes memo, unable to cite fact, tries to sow doubt

Who benefits from causing Americans to distrust agencies investigating illegal foreign influences?

Marysville schools need to show better performance

A great deal of information has been printed regarding the levies to be voted on by Feb. 13. Tax notices will likely place home owners… Continue reading