Safe-injection sites only condone the addiction

The Nov. 18 Herald article, “‘Safe’ sites aren’t popular,” says that studies have shown a drop in overdoses with such sites in other countries. I… Continue reading

Viewpoints: What’s behind Robert Mueller’s poker face

For now, Mueller holds all the cards. And he has the latitude to play them as he chooses.

Deputy’s response was skilled, cool-headed

I want to applaud The Herald for highlighting the bravery, patience and skills of Sheriff’s Deputy Christopher Sweeney (“Deputy calms armed confrontation,” The Herald, Nov.… Continue reading

Editorial cartoons for Saturday, Nov. 25

A sketchy look at the day in politics.… Continue reading

Impressed with manners shown by Everett trick-or-treaters

My husband and I live in northwest Everett. We’ve been handing out Halloween candy for more than two decades. What struck me was how polite… Continue reading

  • Nov 25, 2017

Lake Stevens students staged a great ‘Sister Act’

We recent saw the musical “Sister Act” at Lake Stevens High School. Not only was it lively and fun for actors and audience, the actors… Continue reading

Reader enjoys high school sports coverage throughout year

Thanks to The Herald for the great high school sports reporting through the school year, especially Snohomish High School. Chuck Kaysner Bothell… Continue reading

Retired nurse impressed with level of care at Providence

I am a retired nurse of many years and still critique hospital care. Recently I was very ill and at Everett Providence Hospital. I was… Continue reading

Schwab: Finding the potential for hope in a literal vein

Regardless of the health of the body, the inside of a blood vein is always perfection.

Thankful for love beyond words from friends and family

So here I am, drawing on memories of what makes a true friend and who we need to thank the dear whoever for. In my… Continue reading

Editorial: Save some shopping for Small Business Saturday

Patronizing businesses in your hometown promotes the local economy and supports jobs. And it’s fun.

GOP tax bill won’t serve majority of Americans

As the Republicans work furiously to prepare their Christmas present for Mr. Trump and the rich 5 percent, I wonder what miracles could occur if… Continue reading

GOP tax bill’s trickle-down ethic goes against God’s word

While trickle-down tax policies may be of dubious merit even on purely economic grounds, they are totally bankrupt spiritually. Trickle-down economics exalts human gods who… Continue reading

Ignatius: An art-world tool could provide more faith in facts

‘Digital provenance’ could provide a trail of evidence that would assure greater confidence in news.

RFA isn’t providing savings promised to Lynnwood taxpayers

The headline for the front-page article of the Nov. 18 Herald read “Property tax promise sort of true.” In my opinion the headline should have… Continue reading

Saunders: Political world wrestles with how to handle gropers

While corporations can quickly fire their bad boys, politics has muddied the fates of its accused.

Second Amendment didn’t anticipate today’s arms

We have been looking the issues regarding gun control and assault weapons from the wrong angle. Gun enthusiasts are eager to quote the Second Amendment,… Continue reading

Commentary: Test your knowledge of Thanksgiving

Don’t try talking turkey until your know the facts.

Dionne: Warts and all, reason to be thankful for journalism

How one editor, a World War II vet, encouraged what reporters still strive for in each day’s work.

Editorial cartoons for Friday, Nov. 24

A sketchy look at the day in politics.… Continue reading