Editorial: Students deserve yes vote on school levies, bonds

A temporary spike in property taxes should not keep voters from supporting school levies and bonds.

Editorial cartoons for Monday, Feb. 5

A sketchy look at the day in politics.… Continue reading

Burke: Dear God, stop Trump so I can write about other things

If Trump would stop being Trump, I could write about work songs, knitting, beer, birders, anything.

Parker: How do we fit due process into #MeToo allegations?

The current methodology is one where accusation is indictment and public shaming is conviction.

Saunders: Public got the message from Trump, Democrats

Most liked what they heard in the SOTU. But Democrats appeared to root against the economy.

Mukilteo School District’s levy money gets results

Mukilteo school levies District uses tax money well Our children graduated Mukilteo public schools well-prepared for life beyond high school, and now our family is… Continue reading

Property taxes are too high; vote no on school levies, bonds

Vote no on all levies and bonds. This will tell all levels of government that property taxes are too much a burden on many homeowners.… Continue reading

Bills provide cost-of-living raise for education pensions

Do you remember your teachers, custodians and “lunch ladies” from your school days? Many are retired now, and the oldest of them are in Public… Continue reading

Commentary: Fossil fuel-free future for state is within sight

Edmonds has it right. And the state can take steps to move to 100 percent clean, renewable energy.

Commentary: Handcuffs and jail cells won’t solve opioid crisis

It’s more humane — and cost-effective — if we connect those with addictions to treatment and services.

Editorial cartoons for Sunday, Feb. 4

A sketchy look at the day in politics.… Continue reading

Foreign aid a poor use of taxpayer money

Do the American people really know (or care) on how much of their tax dollars are given to other countries? Many countries are given staggering… Continue reading

Ignatius: Israel offers lessons on risk of ‘bloody nose’ strike

If the White House wants to launch a strike against North Korea, it should talk to Israel first.

Milbank: When done with FBI, Nunes can tackle other traitors

Where were Rep. Devin Nunes and his memos to protect us from Paine, Lincoln, King and Kennedy?

Pass levies for improvements in Marysville schools

Everyone in Marysville got a ballot in the mail this week to vote on two educational levies for the Marysville School District. Approval of these… Continue reading

Robinson: Taking on FBI may prove bad move by Trump and Co.

One reason not to challenge the FBI and what it says? Its people always write everything down.

State should make voter registration automatic

The freedom to vote is the cornerstone of our democracy. Protecting and expanding that freedom for eligible people should be a top priority for our… Continue reading

Viewpoints: The sad state of the State of the Union

The annual ceremony is broken and has directed the intended focus of government away from Congress.

Schwab: Party of law and order is now about money and power

Democrats must make the mid-term elections about what Trump and the GOP are doing to our country.

Commentary: Help complete Lake Stevens’ long quest for library

Lake Stevens has outgrown a library that hasn’t changed in size in 30 years. Vote yes on Feb. 13.