Party needs to support president

I want to applaud Eugene Robinson for his March 18 column, “A midterm imperative.” He said exactly what I have been feeling for some time now, that the Democrats need to show more passion for the upcoming mid-term elections or suffer the consequences in November! The Dems have been wishy-washy about the issues! Why are Obama’s ratings low right now? I believe it is due to all of the lies that are told about the president — “too much time playing golf; not born in America; a Muslim, etc….” Sheesh! How many lies will the Democrats let the GOP get away with?

The GOP isn’t at all the party of Lincoln, or even Reagan! As Robinson stated, “It is a radical party seeking to dramatically alter the social compact by which we have lived for decades. If they could they would slash Social Security benefits and turn Medicare into a voucher program, etc….”

This GOP has been spending their time (and our tax dollars) trying to decide what a woman can do with her body! This is the party that wants to “shrink” the government! I don’t see the government shrinking when the GOP wants them to come into our bedroom or our doctor’s office! Come on Democrats, if you want the president to accomplish more of his hopes and dreams for the United States of America, you need to start working with him to sell his agenda!

Dottie Villesvik


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